19 August 2014

Zeus OS Online OS

10 April 2014

Robox Invasion Game Released

Welcome to Robox Invasion!! Its a new game in development.. and this time it's not by me! Get a new flavour of gaming!

Dev Links

Official dev page
Official Downloads
Official Forums


They have taken control. Their goal is to enslave the human population.
They do this by turning humans into zombies, or destroying them, if they aren't suitable.

You are one of the last remaining humans. You have resisted their control. Now they are coming to get you.

How long can you survive?
Did you know that this single player survival-type FPS with Robox Invaders of constantly increasing difficulty is completely free (no ads, no in-game payments, or anything to prevent you from fully enjoying the experience)?


Robox Invader was not made by WGD Studios or me.
I was asked personally by the developer of the game to post this on my site.
Please support this developer on his journey to building a very cool game and also give him some comments and suggestions on the game on what you liked/didn't like, and what you think could be implimented. Thanks for checking this out guys!

27 February 2014

Knights of Fortune free RPG game by WGD Studios

Knights of Fortune is a new RPG game being developed by WGD Studios. It features many playable characters and the player will play through their perspectives on a war that is dooming the world.

The game is currently in its very early stages at the moment but basic mechanics and levels have been made so far. Download on Steam or standalone.


Patch Notes

Download Installer (not yet available)
Download on Steam

23 February 2014

Legion Commander Blades of Voth Domosh Loading Screen for DOTA 2

As requested in my previous loading screen, I have made a legion commander loading screen! It's bloody and awesome so upvote this so it can get into the DOTA 2 store! I'll maybe add a download to the file and stuff.
The idea of a legion commander loading screen came from (RUF) IngmaIndustries. The artwork was made fully by me.

Check it out at: http://www.windowsgamedownloads.com/2014/02/legion-commander-blades-of-voth-domosh.html

Check it out on steam
Download as JPEG

made by 國防古人 Taniwha DINO filth

8 February 2014

Shagbark Loading Screen for DOTA 2

The all new Shagbark loading screen. So now you can have the courier, HUD & loading screen! :) vote me up so I can join DOTA! :)

For additional information & downloads go to: http://www.windowsgamedownloads.com/shagbark-loading-screen/

Instructions to get the loading screen

Check it out on Steam

made by 國防古人 Taniwha DINO filth

4 February 2014

Minecraft Mechanic


Minecraft Mechanic developed by Thomas Eyles, from Windows Game Downloads Studios, has been made to be able to customise your Minecraft to fill it with mods, texture packs and different versions so that you can get the most out of Minecraft, if you have any suggestions, comment here and I will gladly look into it.

Only available for Windows at the moment but I can easily release an online version and an Android version. So if you guys want any other platforms, comment and I will 999.99% probably make it. :)

HTML5/js Version
html/js version is out now. version is 1.04b, enjoy. the ui is different but easy to use.


Download .zip
Download .exe
Android Download
Start in web browser v1.04 rev.b